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Resiliency Fueled by a Dream

Forks - A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection

What happens when your marriage falls apart and you find yourself unemployed? For Alan Karl, what could have been a spiral into depression and negativity became an opportunity to look at the forks in the road of his life and decide to pursue a life-long-dream and his passions: motorcycle travel, adventure, food and photography. Three years, five continents and one motorcycle later, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, Alan has produced the very book he told me one year ago that he wanted: FORKS - a Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection. How do I describe this gorgeous, coffee table book that sits on the island of my kitchen:

It's a travelogue with marvelous writing about people, stories, connections and cultures.It's a stunning photographic ensemble of humanity, geography and all things green, growing and otherwise.It's a recipe book that allows me to bring cultures and flavors around the dining room table to experience 40 signature dishes. (Though I don't know where to find Brazilian red palm oil.)What leaves me in wondrous amazement (and I admit envy) is that he has pursued what he wanted with grit and determination.

Resilient to the max, Alan has also demonstrated what I believe to my core: connections made around the table transcend difference of beliefs, nationalities, and ethnicity. I hope you'll visit the web site.  Pre-order the book. And then consider what would be YOUR dream.

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