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The Power of Telling a Journey Story

I recently read a report of the research from Stanford GSB professors, Jennifer Aaker and Szu-chi Huang. It spoke of the power of seeing the current ravages of Covid-19 and subsequent economic breakdown through the lens of an ongoing journey rather than a destination.

As a writer, hiker, and a lover of adventure travel, I am captured by the thought of seeing these events as an unfolding journey. In my journeys, we’ve encountered obstacles that ranged from dangerous snow-covered passes, altitude sickness, and bruised knees to fried worms, lost trails, and rationed water.

Each incident managed to scare me and also show me what I could get through even when I didn’t think I could do it. Of course, at the time, I was terrified, uncertain and anxious. However, looking back at each experience, I can see how I grew through each event.

What fascinated me about the work of Huang and Aaker is that their conclusion urges us to see each phase as a place of growth, particularly as one looks back. If this is indeed a journey and not a destination, then the events that are so unsettling can be transformed into opportunities for growth.

You’ve done it before. I know you have. Events you didn't think you could make through ended up as memories and not as monsters… IF you will focus on the strengths you used to get through them. As a friend recently said, “I’m thankful for my struggles as it helped my stumble upon my strength.”

Something to think about.

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