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This Was the Year that Was

If you were a child of the 60s and watched television, you might be having a flashback to a very similar title. That Was the Week That Was, informally TWTWTW or TW3, was a satirical television comedy program on BBC Television in 1962 and 1963. David Frost served as the headliner. Although it only lasted two seasons, it set a new standard in both comedy and a satire, poking fun at politicians, celebrities and events of the week. Today, Saturday Night Live, is an apt comparison.

For us non-acting mortals, finding comic relief in the close of 2020 seems like a feat that even Houdini couldn’t unravel. I don’t have to outline to you, dear readers, all the many ways this has been the most horrendous year across the globe on so many fronts.

And yet, there have been sparks of laughter, compassionate acts, newly-discovered friends, and grace-filled gratitude. That’s the way I’d like to close out 2020—a year that started with the mantra of perfect vision and ended up blindsiding us with its intensity.

I’ve laughed at friends who said the pandemic had become a POUNDemic. I chuckled when told that after lockdown, I’d either be a monk, a hunk, chunk or a drunk. (Yes, I did choose carefully). Masks have become creative fashion symbols (at least for those smart enough to wear them), and office attire includes pajama bottoms and bunny slippers.

From my daily runs—even at a distance—I’ve encountered the same people and we’ve learned each other’s names. An elderly man named Seth always sits in his car at the hilltop and waits for me to run by, wave and inquire about his health. I found out he has lung cancer. I try and remember names with small mental clues: muscled Bret is buff and I call Valerie victorious because she doggedly struggles to move. Ted is tiny and Tara reminds me of the Deep South and Gone with the Wind.

Up until this year, I never bothered to read the nametags of postal clerks or grocery checkers. I’m making up for lost time. Random acts of kindness appear every week and I attempt to do the same: from cakes delivered on the doorsteps to trashcans taken out to the curb.

Little known colleagues have kindly conducted Zoom lessons with me as I attempt to discover the intricacies of virtual presentations. From the many interviews I’ve been privileged to give based on my newest book, I’ve made lovely new friends in the leadership universe. In fact, from my interview with Thiago DeSouza on Business Access Podcast, I discovered he was also a marvelous video producer. My newest video is the result of a gift from Thiago.

As we close out the year that was, perhaps you too can find the small treasures in the midst of the darkness, anxiety, and turmoil. Let’s move into 2021 on that footing.

See you in the New Year.

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