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What’s Love Got To Do With It? Everything!

Teenagers in Love

May and June seem to be the months when romance blossoms and in-person weddings are coming back into play.

But I am reminded that the preamble to love is LIKE. Without LIKE, love doesn’t have much of a chance of settling in.

On Saturday, we got a lesson in LIKE from 12-year-old Kai. He moved into our California community from the DC area four months ago. We were concerned that coming mid-year into a pretty established community might cause serious adjustments on his part. However, his huge grin, impish attitude and sparkling eyes apparently captured many buddies. In fact, his parents told us that he was “shipping”.

“Shipping, I asked?” “Shipping what? Where? Fed Ex, UPS?”

“No,” his mom explained. “It means he has a girlfriend.”

We struggled to understand “shipping”, hoping that it didn’t mean serious involvement.

Patiently, Mom explained it was what the kids call a relationSHIP, a friendship.

Ahhh—SHIPPING! Why not. Starting as friends seems the perfect place to begin. Might not turn into love at age 12 but hey, I think we could all benefit from more “shipping”.

Nice way to start May!

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