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With Three Words, The Healer is You.

This week, in the Christian tradition, Holy Week begins. While it is a reflection and remembrance of the last days of Christ, I discovered one small passage that I think holds healing and hope for all of us caught in the anxiety and fear of COVID-19.

Regardless of background or belief, please consider these words: Rise. Take. Walk.

While the context of the gospel story is Christ healing a man at the pool of Bethesda, it is those three words that I think offer guidance for these times.

Rise. Get up and out of cowering under the bed covers. Rise above selfishness, greed, fear.

Take: Take your talents, your gifts, your compassion, your abundance (which many of us have) and then…

Walk: out into the neighborhood, the community, the family, and—at a safe distance—care for those in need.

By reaching out to others, you begin to heal yourself. There are small ways to rise, take, and walk. For example, try walking outside and seeing other people. Smile, greet, and touch your heart. Watch how you feel and observe the smile that comes from others. Put your name on a volunteer list and see who needs your help. Rise and call someone who is alone. Take time to listen, share and hopefully laugh. And walk away knowing you both just experienced a burst of endorphins, the brain chemicals which reduce our perception of pain and fear.

In these crazy COVID-19 times, remember you can heal yourself and help heal others. Rise. Take. Walk. #HolyWeek #COVID-19 #Pandemic

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